Send SMS all over the world, absolutely free & download free programs and games

Send SMS all over the world, absolutely free & download free programs and games

Auto-ShutDown V1.2 (Published And Developed By Tixfun) 

Auto-ShutDown Program is an easy-to-use application + friendly interface that allow you to Shutdown, Hibernate or Sleep your computer after a specified duration. The Price of this program is 4.99$ (You will benefit from all coming updates upon purchasing) so all the below options will be totally free for you: 


Features coming soon with version 2.0.1:


* 2 Modes that can be used simultaneously. V2.0.1 will distinguish between laptops running on battery and not on battery (AC/DC) so you can specify 2 differents period / duration for each mode

* Shutdown after a specified task

* Shutdown after an update/CD copy or file download 

* Shutdown after Music/Movie playback

* Restart Mode will be added to the existing modes

* Option to enable a sound notification before shutting-down  

* Ability to automatically power-on the PC on a specified duration after an    hibernate or sleep (On version 3 and above)

 Full Description of the product

 Buy Now  (We are currently fixing the payment issue and moving to a new provider- Paypal. Thank you for you patience)

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